About Taknet Systems

Taknet Company

The Company

Taknet Systems was established in 1994 in Singapore as an Information Technology company distributing computer hardware and doing software development. Besides distribution, we also do system integration and manufacture our own range of storage appliances.

Our founder, Mr A.K. Tan, has built the Taknet group of companies based on quality, expertise and trust, all of which are as true today as they were in 1994. Our ability to change together or even ahead of the times has made the Taknet Group of companies successful.

In the past 25 years, we have grown with the ICT industry and have expanded our market beyond Singapore to Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam in the last 10 years.

From reselling and distributing computer components such as Hard disk drives, CPU in the early days we have moved to building higher valued systems such as storage appliance (eg Network Attached Storage), servers and computing systems for cloud, high performance computing and data analytics systems. Today more than half of our customers require us to deliver their servers to Data Centres and some of them want us to provide support and installation services for their systems in these centres. Thus, it is vital for our team to continuously acquire new knowledge and expertise in this area as well as develop new products for the long term growth of the company.

The Business

Our core business today is in the distribution of server hardware and high end workstation. We partner with the industry best to bring quality and cost effective solutions to our customers. We are the authorized distributors for Supermicro Servers from SuperMicro Computer Inc., Asus Servers, Giga-Byte servers and QSAN Storage in several countries. In addition, we also build our own line of Storage Servers under the ReadyStor® brand such as NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network).

Key Milestones and Achievements

Year Award/Milestone
1994 Developed a Data acquisition software for the finance sector with successful licensing to a Singapore company who developed a PC adapter card to receive teletext signals
1997 Awarded a million dollar contract from a GLC to develop multimedia courseware for military training.
1999 Appointed Distributor for Maxtor Hard disk drives in Singapore
2000 Appointed Distributor for MaxAttach Network Attached Storage (NAS) in Singapore & Malaysia
2001 Outstanding Partner Award Singapore by Seagate
2003 Appointed Singapore Authorised Distributor for Supermicro, Inc.
2005 Design & build NAS for Tandberg data(a Norwegian MNC) for their APAC customers
2007 Outstanding Leadership in Vertical Design Win awarded by Intel
2009 Top Windows Server System Builder Award presented by Microsoft Singapore
2011 Fast Growth Award by Supermicro, Inc.
2013 Top Server Processor Volume Reseller Award in 2013 by Intel
  • Awarded an Intel plaque for Exceptional Knowledge and Skills in Delivery of Servers Solutions
  • Award from HGST, a WD company, for outstanding sales performance for HGST HDDs
  • 2005 - 2019 Our Managing Director, Mr A.K. Tan, is on the Intel board of Advisors for server products for the APAC region.
    2019 In February 2019, Taknet Systems Pte Ltd was selected by the main English Newspaper in Singapore and Statista, Germany as a distinguished member of Singapore's Fastest Growing Companies.
    2021 Appointed Singapore Authorised Distributor for Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd. Server products.

    A.K Tan
    Founder, Managing Director

    Chen Sihao
    Sales Director

    Chen Mengjie
    Business Development Director